More information about ROISSY.

This site has been built by a group of people who have been practising S/M for their own pleasure for years. Because S/M is often misunderstood, we operate mostly under the protection of invisibility.
Anyone can join us. If you are interested, you will need to make contact with us by e-mail. A long and time-consuming path will eventually bring you to Roissy. There, almost all your dreams can become reality.
What we desire from you is discretion, enthusiasm and sympathy for the other members in the group. The group will get to know you gradually by meeting with you now and then. At a given moment, you will discover that you are in Roissy. From that moment you belong to the group. You may come or go as you wish, or (as the case may be) at the will of your master or mistress.
Roissy is for all people who practise S/M. We see no difference between homo/hetro, big or small, fat or thin; looks are not important.
We ask you, on a volunteer basis and within your means, to support Roissy.
You don't need to have years of experience with S/M. Experience is preferred, but we can also take beginners and lead them along the path to S/M. One of our masters is very popular in this particular area.
In principle you need a partner to join Roissy. Because it can be hard to find a suitable partner in S/M, we can help in this area if asked. We can't perform miracles, but we know many people experienced with S/M, and links can be made.
If you are single or want to enjoy S/M without your partner, there are also possibilities within Roissy since a number of participants are not entirely monogamous. Our only goal is S/M pleasure and friendship.
What do you say to a glass of wine and a cigar, brought by an obediant slave who can be used and enjoyed in other ways as well? Or would you rather be the servant? That is also possible. There's no hurry - we're not going anywhere.

L. and M. thanks for translation

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